32-Year-Old Man Joins Sosiani Primary School In Eldoret with His 8-Year-Old Son


In his quest for a better life, a 32-year-old man of South Sudanese origin has decided to join primary school alongside his son in Eldoret.

The man, John Majok, officially joined Sosiani Primary School where he hopes to start a fresh educational journey.

School’s head teacher Nicholas Kosgey says they offered to allow him to join class 7, but Majok instead picked grade 3.

He wants to start from the lower grade going up,” Kosgey said.

32-year-old Majok and his son at Sosiani Primary School on June 14, 2022.

His son is still young, somebody who has just started school,” he added.

The head teacher notes that Majok’s main reason to join the school is to understand the local language – Swahili.

Majok was a refugee in Uganda where he had started his school, but at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, he shifted to Kenya, in Eldoret town alongside his family.

I have joined the school because I need a good life. I was in class four in Uganda but I have decided to start afresh so that I can understand Swahili,” Majok said.

Majok with grade 3 classmates

Concerning his decision to join the same school with his son, the South Sudanese national says he hopes they will inspire each other to perform better in class.

I am happy because the classmates are helping me out,” said Majok.

And for him joining school, he has no specific career he would wish to do, but all he is interested in is to find anything good he will be able to do and earn a living.

With his age, comes a challenge of discipline in school, given the chance of being taught by a teacher that will be almost the same age as him.

Sosiani Primary School in Eldoret main gate

But according to the Sosiani Primary School head teacher, disciplining Majok will not be an issue.

We nowadays use guiding and counseling and we won’t have an issue disciplining him. He is a parent, so he will help in guiding other pupils,” said Kosgey who also revealed that his school has a number of pupils of the South Sudanese national.

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