5 Things Women Do That Are Turn Off To Men

If you are familiar with a love relationship, you must know or have heard about relationship turn-offs. What makes one party lose interest in a relationship? This happens to both males and females.

In this article, we talk about what women do that can be a turn-off to men.

Poor hygiene

Men love women who look smart. If they realize your hygiene is poor and you can’t take care of yourself, they start thinking otherwise. Men love women who can also take care of them and make them look smart before their friends.

Looking tired. Tired young man feeling lonely with his romantic friends and looking tired while sitting at the table

So if you are not able to take care of yourself, it will also mean you can’t take care of them.

Acting like they don’t care

Just like women, men like attention. Concentrating more on your friends, staring at your phone so much, or acting like you don’t know he is there might make him think you don’t appreciate his presence, and have no point in hanging around.

Complaining every time

Women are known to be highly emotional. They can be upset by petty things. However, men get tired of women who complain too much.

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As much as they do what you don’t like, don’t make it come out more of a complaint. Just give a clear communication of what you want in your relationship.

Being dramatic

As much as women like drama, don’t overdo it. Do not cause a scene over a small issue or problem. Some men don’t like drawing attention.

When you exaggerate your emotions over a little problem, it may offend them.


Every man loves to be respected. In the African community, a man is considered the head of the family. Showing them respect makes them understand you appreciate their masculinity. When a woman acts disrespectfully, it lowers their esteem as men.

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