7 Things You Should Do Before Proposing To a Girl

It is everyone’s dream to get a life partner. When people get into an intimate relationship, it is always good to show how committed you are in the relationship.

Saying I love you does not necessarily mean you are serious with the relationship but there are actions that when taken, really imply something.

Proposing is one of the topmost things that shows how serious one is in a relationship. However, before you get on your knees to ask for a hand in marriage, consider doing the following;

Ensure You All Are On the Same Page

It’s good to know if your partner is into the idea of you getting together. Does she feel the same way you feel about being together? You might also need to ask her how she feels about marriage.

Is she ready to be married any soon? What are her future plans and dreams? Do you see any commonality with what you want to achieve in life? This will help you avoid the unexpected disappointments that may end up making you hate being in a relationship.

Ask Yourself If You Are Ready For the Big Step

Dating and marriage are two different things. When you propose, it places you an inch away from marriage. Proposing to your partner might be easy and wonderful but before you do that, it is good to weigh yourself if you are ready.

Proposing is an indication of readiness to the marriage phase of life. However, getting into marriage with uncertainties may place you on a rough page of life. Weigh your financial status, talk to friends who are already in marriage, and learn from them.

Talk To Her Parents

It’s good to engage the girl’s parents before proposing. As much as people consider it old-fashioned, it will create a good relationship between you and your fiancé’s parents. It will show them how much you love and how serious you are with their child.

Find the Right Moment

You wouldn’t want to be embarrassed in front of your friends or public because your girl just turned you down and rejected the proposal.

You need to know when is the appropriate time for making a proposal that will leave your partner cherishing every moment of it.

It’s never cool proposing to your girl when she is in a bad mood, when she is sick, mourning, or in a situation that will make her embarrassed. You may also want to do it when you are courageous enough not to freak out when proposing.

Know Your Partner’s Personal Preference

After long dating, you ought to understand your girl’s personality and preferences. Of course, dating is purposed to give you time to understand each other’s likes and dislikes. Therefore, you have to know whether she likes attention, if yes, you might go ahead and do it even in a public setting, with friends or family. If not, you might need to consider other options such as during your alone time, out on a date, or any suitable place for her.

Have Your Ring Ready and In A Safe Place

You cannot plan to propose to your partner by just telling them how much you love them and asking them to marry you just like that. Having a mark of identity for that special moment is very important. A ring is one of the symbols that indicate a formal engagement between the two of you, therefore, you should not miss it during your proposal.

An engagement ring.

Additionally, it is important to keep it safe till the right time. Imagine a situation where the ring slips out of your pocket to the ground before you even start proposing. Embarrassing right? It will make your partner realize your plan, which is not cool especially if it was to be a surprise.

You should keep it in a safe place where you will only get it when ready to say the ‘will you marry me?’ words.

Get a Photographer

Everyone would love to have memories of their special moments. A proposal is one of those special memories you would love to keep. If it’s planned to be a surprise, you will definitely get amazing photos to cherish because the other party will be unaware.

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