Ainabkoi MP Aspirant Terry Maina: Two Reasons Why Women Shy Away From Vying For Elective Positions

Terry Maina who is an aspiring Member of Parliament for Ainabkoi Constituency in the upcoming general election has listed two reasons why few women vie for elective positions in the country.

Currently, out of the 290 elected MPs, there are only 23 women.

This is despite a constitutional requirement that at least a third of the elective positions should be held by persons from a different gender.

And according to Terry Maina, the low number of women elected in the country is a result of the few of them that come out to vie for the seats.

Ainabkoi MP aspirant Terry Maina.

But why are fewer women interested in vying for elective seats?


The Ainabkoi MP aspirants say a lot of insults that people and other politicians direct to aspirants is one of the reasons women opt to keep off elective positions.

She admits that the political stage in the country is too harsh on women.

“When women venture into politics, there are far too many insults directed at them and many other related things that a majority of them would rather not want to be subjected to by joining politics,” noted Terry Maina.

Lack of Financial Ability

According to the Kenya Girl Guides Association national chairperson, politics need a lot of money to facilitate campaigns and facilitating people with transport.

Some of the women politicians

She says only a few women can afford to get such kind of money to facilitate political campaigns are related expenses.

“When you meet people, they expect lunch, transport, and such kind of facilitation – and this is a major challenge because statistically, women are behind when it comes to economic and financial muscle,” notes the Ainabkoi MP aspirant.

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For the above-listed reasons, Terry Maina says it is why Kenya is far from attaining the two-thirds gender rule.

But despite the long journey ahead, she believes in the near future, there will be a 50/50 representation for men and women in all elective positions from the County Assemblies, National Assembly, and the Senate.

“Men and women have different views on issues and each of their stands has strengths. The only way we can have a progressive nation that takes consideration of all genders is if we have equal representation,” notes Terry Maina.

Terry Maina.

With the 2022 poll just around the corner, she is challenging women to come out and vie for various seats even though things may not be favoring them.

“There are many people willing to vote for women leaders and that can only happen when we vie for those positions,” she said.

As of now, Terry Maina is the only woman eyeing the Ainabkoi MP seat.

Being allied to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), she will have to square it out with current MP William Chepkut, former MP Samuel Chepkong’a, Dr. Mark Korir among others for the party ticket.

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