Eldoret Senior Principal Magistrate Naomi Wairimu

Allow Men to Inherit Wealth from Their Dead Wives, Kenyans Told

Kenyans have been asked to support gender equality for both men and women when it comes to the inheritance of property from deceased spouses.

Eldoret Senior Principal Magistrate Naomi Wairimu says like widows, widowers also have a right to own their late wives’ wealth.

She further notes that succession should be done legally to reduce the high number of cases of inheritance in courts.

There have been rising concerns that communities rarely allow men to inherit properties left behind once their wives die.

Concerning Gender-Based Violence, the Magistrate pointed out that men are also victims of assault, with some cases of domestic violence causing deaths.

Children are the most affected during fights and assaults. They lack a better and peaceful environment for their growth,” noted Naomi Wairimu.

The principal magistrate has now advised affected couples to look for better ways to solve their differences other than resorting to fighting and assaulting each other.

Instead of looking for fighting and other ways of getting rid of your problems, it’s better to report such cases to the police officers and ask for protection and be given a way forward,” said Wairimu.

Parliament has already enacted legislation that relates to Domestic Violence.

The Eldoret Senior Principal Magistrate also insisted on children’s rights to be adhered to. She noted that women find it hard to file cases of maintenance for their children’s needs to be taken care of.

If you have a child or you know a person who has a child, they should be informed and file the documents in courts which does not require any payments,” Wairimu advised.

But according to the magistrate, both parents should take responsibility for taking care of their children.

She points out that every child has a right to relate well with their parents.

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