Be Very Careful With Men Who Say a Woman with Money Cannot Submit

If a man fears marrying a woman because she is financially comfortable or one who earns more than him it also means he will not allow the woman he ends up marrying to be financially empowered or to surpass him in earning. So be sure to pose that question during dating even if you’re earning nothing.

Your dreams are big and in time you will realize them and get the money.

That fear he has at the onset of marriage will most likely carry on into the marriage, unless a change of mindset occurs somewhere in between, which rarely happens.

Be very careful with this breed of men who say a woman with money cannot submit. They’re cowards with a severe case of inferiority complex. They want a weak woman to subdue and suppress.

The real men exist and you must look for them. Those who have more to offer their woman beyond money, Leadership, vision, big ideas, and strategies. They understand her and they trust her. His joy is to see her elevate and fly high. He knows that money never changes women but merely gives them the power to be more of what they already are.

There are many unsubmissive and cheating women who have no money. If they get money they will just cheat more. A woman of character is herself in all financial states.

This man understands that in a healthy marriage there is no her money or his money. It’s all team money.

Finally, people see you according to who they are. If they say that when you get money you’ll leave them it means when they get it they will leave you. A man whose character and identity are solid will never suspect you based on your income because to him money is a only a tool.

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