Buzeki is pledging free milk to all ECDE pupils

Buzeki Promises to Position Uasin Gishu as a Leading Milk Producer, Processor

Billionaire businessman Bundotich Zedekiah Kiprop alias Buzeki is among individuals seeking to be the next Uasin Gishu governor.

Among the pledges Buzeki is making to the electorate is modernizing the Agricultural sector – more so the dairy industry.

He points out that milk produced by Uasin Gishu farmers is of the highest quality – but farmers are yet to feel the fruits that come with it.

“Our residents are culturally dedicated livestock farmers. Where we have gaps is in modernizing our farming practices and engaging in value addition. That’s where we are focused to intervene,” Buzeki notes.

Having been an investor in the dairy industry, the billionaire businessman is now promising to position Uasin Gishu as a leading milk producer and processor in the region.

Buzeki was once the owner of Buzeki Diary, which owned Molo Milk, which was later acquired by the giant Brookside Dairies.

“We will put in place mechanisms to support in Animal breeding and effective livestock feed processors to move away from traditional methods to modern farming. As we do so we will be working on Uasin Gishu Milk processors to add value to our products before we sell them,” Buzeki pledges.

With a 150 ml of Yoghurt costing Ksh50, translating to Ksh300 per liter, compared to Ksh30 for raw milk, the gubernatorial aspirant says this is a trend that needs to come to an end.

Buzeki, under his government, is also promising to help in the processing and marketing of the locally produced milk – jointly with farmers.

Farming is one of the key economic activities for Uasin Gishu residents.

The county, alongside Trans Nzoia, is considered among the country’s food basket, and Buzeki is promising to focus on addressing challenges that farmers face.

“We need your support to do this. Join our campaign and help us win more followers and supporters. That will be the first step in redeeming Uasin Gishu,” notes Buzeki.

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