Detectives from East Africa Complete Advanced Forensic Crime Scene Course at DCI Academy


DCI Director-General George Kinoti has urged detectives to take advantage of the newly commissioned DCI National Forensic Laboratory and learn contemporary crime resolution techniques that are crucial in resolving modern-day crime challenges.

The Director-General said this while addressing 36 detectives drawn from Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya, who were graduating on Friday, June 24, 2022, after attending a comprehensive Forensic Crime Scene management course at the DCI academy.

Kinoti encouraged the officers to apply the skills that they had acquired during their course in assisting their respective agencies to manage scenes of crime professionally.

Every contact in a scene of crime leaves a trace and how you manage and process a scene greatly determines the outcome of your investigations,” said the DCI boss.

The Director-General also acknowledged the support that the DCI had continued to receive from the German government through the GIZ program, which has not only enhanced the effectiveness of our officers in the performance of their duties but has also given them the much-needed impetus to work smart and produce the desired results expeditiously.

GIZ has not only provided specialized crime-fighting tools but has also developed our human resource capacity to handle various kinds of crimes including those that are complex in nature,” the director-general said.

In particular, the Anti-Terrorism and Forensics units have been the biggest beneficiaries of GIZ’s magnanimity, through training and exchange programs that have been offered to our detectives locally and abroad,” he added.

As a result, the skills that our detectives have acquired have been crucial in destabilizing terror cells in the country and in the consolidation of crucial evidence, required to nail suspects & consolidate watertight cases.

The commandant of DCI academy Gatiria Mboroki noted that the training was a first of its kind in the region and welcomed more of such programs to be hosted at the academy.

She urged the officers to cascade the knowledge that they gained to other officers in their respective commands.

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