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‘Don’t Be A President Who Will Leave Graves’, Uhuru Told Over Kerio Valley Insecurity


Elgeyo Marakwet Deputy Governor Wisley Rotich is now calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to act and help restore peace in Kerio Valley.

Rotich notes that previous calls for action to be taken seem to have fallen on deaf ears, even as the region continues to witness killings of innocent people.

The latest incident was on Friday that saw two women killed in Liter, even as there was an attempted attack targeted at AIC Luguget Secondary School.

Elgeyo Marakwet Deputy Governor Wisely Rotich speaks to students at AIC Luguget Secondary School following an attempted banditry attack on Friday, January 28, 2022.

With no signs of the situation improving, the Elgeyo Marakwet Deputy Governor says the matter is now before the hands of the president to decide on the fate of the people of Kerio Valley.

“I am telling the President, we are going to remember you when we see the graves. We are going to remember you when our children fail in exams. We are going to remember you when people of Kerio Valley die of poverty…” said Wisely Rotich.

He notes that the bandits were now targeting schools.

Within the last 24 hours, at least 4 people have been killed in various parts of Kerio Valley as a result of bandits’ attacks.

Spent bullet cartridges following the latest incident.

Rotich insists that it is time the Head of State deployed the military to the volatile region to restore calm.

The DG also wants the National Police Reservists (NPRs) deployed in the area. He accuses some individuals within the government of delaying deploying the NPRs for political reasons.

“I want to tell you, Mr. President, don’t be a president that will leave graves, and whatever is happening in Kerio Valley is genocide,” noted the Elgeyo Marakwet Deputy Governor.

A few weeks ago, Rotich wrote a passionate open letter to the President even as he called for the military deployment in the region.

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For the last 5 months, it is estimated that about 70 people have been killed – all as a result of bandit attacks within the Kerio Valley.

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