Don’t Be Used To Cause Violence, Bodaboda Operators Urged


Bodaboda operators have been asked to be peace ambassadors especially at this time that the country is heading towards the 2022 general election.

North Rift regional programs officer for Africa Centre for Non-Violence and Sustainable Impact (AFRINOV) Monica Jepkosgey says for a long time, the bodaboda operators have been used to cause violence during political campaigns – actions she said should come to an end.

Speaking at Kipsangui in Soy Sub County during an exchange program with bodaboda operators from Nandi, Trans Nzoia, and those from Kapseret Sub County alongside the hosts from the area, the AFRINOV officer said it was time the operators took the lead in demanding for a change in society.

AfriNOV North Rift regional programs officer Monica Jepkosgey

Change starts with an individual and whenever you start violence, you are the ones affected and your families. Don’t be used as weapons of violence. Take the lead in urging politicians to hunt for votes using means that will bring peace in the country,” Jepkosgey advised the operators.

Collins Imboha, the Secretary of Kitale Bodaboda Sacco who was part of the exchange program said they had all agreed never again to be used by politicians for their selfish gains.

“It is true bodaboda operators have been used by politicians to cause violence and that is something that we have condemned as we want to take the lead in preaching peace,” Imboha said.

Some of the bodaboda operators who were part of the exchange program.

“As operators, we should not just be looking at the handouts we are given but the impact that what politicians want as to do has on the society,” he added.

The operators also challenged politicians to include policies that will help address their challenges in their campaign manifestos.

“Don’t just look for us when election time nears, include policies that will benefit us. We have agreed that we will not be used by politicians this round and that we will work on ensuring there are no more negative things that are always linked to us,” added another bodaboda operator.

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