Eldowas Moves to Seal Loopholes Causing Loss of 18 Million Liters of Water Daily

The Eldoret Water and Sanitation Company (ELDOWAS) has launched an initiative dubbed ‘Linda Maji Mtaani’ aimed at addressing the rising illegal connection of water in Eldoret town.

Under the initiative, ELDOWAS has set up an enforcement team that will be making regular inspections across the town.

According to ELDOWAS Managing Director Peter Biwott, the company produces over 43 million liters of water daily, out of which 18 million liters are lost as a result of illegal connections, and theft.

Biwott said as a result of illegal connections, many residents especially in low-income areas were facing water shortages.

He named Langas, Munyaka, Kipkenyo, Kimumu, and Maili Nne as some of the estates faced with the water shortage.

But with Linda Maji Mtaani, ELDOWAS is hoping individuals involved in the illegal connection of water, including their employees will be arrested and prosecuted.

“We’ve got a few suspects engaged in illegal connections of water and the enforcement unit assigned will make a follow-up to ensure that the 18 million liters of water are found. The inspection will be made both on workers at Eldowas and at the general public and those found will be given punitive penalties. Car wash users are also suspected to be using the illegally connected water,” said Biwott.

Eldowas MD Peter Biwott (center) with Uasin Gishu County Commissioner Stephen Kihara and Eldowas chairman Andrew Chelugui.

“Those found guilty or involved in the misuse of water in an illegal way will be charged. If found guilty, one can get a fine of up Ksh5 million, an imprisoned for 10yrs or both,” he added.

The company’s board of management Andrew Chelugoi reiterated Biwott’s sentiments saying the program will be implemented in partnership with the County Security team.

The daily demand for water in Eldoret town is 60 million liters, while currently, ELDOWAS produces 43 million liters of water meaning there is a deficit of 17 million liters daily.


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