Eldowas to Promote Biogas Use in Bid to Conserve Water Catchment Areas

The Eldoret Water and Sanitation Company (Eldowas) is planning to partner with 3 North Rift counties for an initiative aimed at promoting biogas use among locals.

Under the initiative, locals will be supported to engage in dairy farming that will, in turn, ensure a sufficient supply of biogas.

According to Eldowas Managing Director Peter Biwott, many locals still depend on firewood as a source of energy for cooking, putting forests at risk.

Photo Source: Hivos

“We are losing a lot of forests because of these kinds of activities. This is why we are going to work very closely with counties to promote dairy farming and a shift to biogas use instead of firewood,” Biwott said.

Eldowas depends on dams in the production of water that it supplies to its customers within Eldoret Municipality.

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However, there has been a concern over a drop in water levels at some of the dams due to massive human activities that have led to the destruction of key water catchment areas.

One of the main sources of water is Chebara Dam, and locals around the area say there has been massive deforestation that has threatened the existence of some of the key rivers and streams.

Chebara Dam. Photo Source: Twenzetu.

10 to 20 years ago, this place was a forest with many trees but because of human activities, we have lost the water and water is no longer in plenty,” said John Chesewe, a resident at Kapyego, Elgeyo Marakwet County.

Chesewe asked Eldowas to focus on using more resources in conserving water catchment areas, rather than spending a lot of money on purifying water.

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“Get more tree seedlings that we can plant and help restore the water catchment areas,” he said.

This is a call that Eldowas MD welcomed, saying they are already planning to work with multiple agencies in major conservation exercises.

Eldowas MD Peter Biwott.

Among the initiatives is tree planting exercises in partnership with the Kenya Forest Service (KFS).

“We have two tree nurseries that we want to have a million tree seedlings in each of them as we plan to be part of conversation drive around this area,” said Biwott.

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