Elgeyo Marakwet County to Help Farmers Fight African Armyworms


The county government of Elgeyo Marakwet has received insecticide to combat the infestation of African Armyworms.

This comes after the insects attacked approximately 400 acres of cropland in Keiyo North Sub-county (Kamariny, Kapchemutwa, and Emsoo wards.)

Following the attack, the county requested equipment to help to combat the pest from Plant Protection and Food Safety Division.

Assorted equipment received by the county government of Elgeyo Marakwet on May 20, 2022.

The following are part of the assorted equipment received by the county;

  1. Orizon CS (Insecticide) – 100 litres
  2. Tifer ES (Insecticide) – 156 lts
  3. Knapsack sprayers – 15
  4. Motorized sprayers – 10
  5. Personal Protective Gears – 15 pairs.

How to control the African Armyworms;

  1. Cut grassy weeds from bordering fields.
  2. Remove weeds regularly to reduce breeding sites and shelter for armyworms.
  3. Remove all plant debris after harvesting.
  4. Avoid planting susceptible varieties like Katumani.
  5. Plow and harrow field thoroughly to expose pupae to natural enemies and desiccation.
  6. Plow a deep trench around the field and fill it with water Preserve habitat for beneficial insects.

Monitoring the farm fields

  1. At the onset of the rainy season, regularly monitor for the presence of armyworms:
  2. Be aware of the National Armyworm Control Programme’s outbreak forecasts.
  3. Use Pheromone traps to determine the main flight period for moths.

– Look for egg masses Look for masses of dark larvae migrating between fields.

– Look for the presence of larvae or signs of damage to the crop.

– Detect larvae by looking under leaves and in leaf whorls (where they feed at night) and under debris and at the base of plants (where they hide during the day)

  1. Report any infestation detected to the National Crop Protection Services.

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