Erosion of African Culture Cause of Unrest in Schools – Education Stakeholders

A section of Education stakeholders in Uasin Gishu county has attributed an increase of indiscipline cases in schools to poor parenting and erosion of African culture.

The stakeholders led by Eldo Baraka School Director Dorice Khatete say parents have neglected their children by failing to teach them values anchored in the rich African culture.

Speaking during a Cultural event at the school, Khatete asked the Ministry of Education to consider incorporating cultural education into the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) being implemented under the new education system.

Eldo Baraka School Director Dorice Khatete (center)

She also challenged parents to ensure they take advantage of this festive season and take their children to their grandparents where they can learn some of the basic traditional values.

“Erosion of culture is to blame partly for the recent wave of unrest in schools. Children are nowadays born in urban areas and never get time to visit the elderly members of their community from whom they can learn some of the culture and traditions,” said one of the stakeholders.

“It is time we emphasized the need for our children to spend some time with their grandparents, especially those born in urban areas,” added another stakeholder.

Similar sentiments were shared by Khatete who noted that failure to teach children basic culture and traditions was contributing to rising indiscipline among the young generation.

“We have forgotten our culture. Traditionally, children belonged to the society and anybody would discipline them whenever found doing something wrong but that has since changed due to modernity that has deviated away from this practice,” said the Eldo Baraka Director.

During the cultural day, students showcased their culture which they said they enjoyed learning from diverse cultures.

“I hope this event will be held annually so that we get a chance to get to know more about other cultures. My culture is Kalenjin and I love my culture,” said one of the pupils who participated in the event.

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