Experts Deliberate On Healthcare Need of Women at Webinar Organized By Manipal Hospitals


Women have always been known to be caretakers of the family. A woman does everything for the good of her loved ones. They spend more time taking care of others than themselves.

She is the one who always keeps the family healthy, but she has different health needs throughout each stage of her life. Balancing a career and a family is extremely stressful.

Women may suffer from various health issues throughout their lives. It is important for them to take care of their health at every stage of life, from regular health problems to severe problems.

To highlight women’s health and wellbeing, distinguished panelists took part in a webinar organized by Manipal Hospitals Enterprises on the theme of ‘Circle of Care: Women’s Health’.

Journalists, women association members, and people from around the world joined this session on Monday, March 8, 2022.

The discussion was chaired by leading specialists representing Manipal Group of Hospitals, India, among them Dr. Bhaskar Shenoy – Consultant, Paediatrics, Dr. Supraja Chandrasekar – Consultant, Paediatric Intensivist & Prof. Dr. Somashekhar S P, Chairman and Hod Surgical Oncology – Manipal Hospital and Consultant Surgical & Gynaec Oncology & Robotic Surgeon, Hipec Super Specialist.

Superwomen in webinar who explained success factors they followed and requested the doctor to address one key health issue they face in their lifetime.

Manipal Hospitals felicitated superwomen such as Selima Ahmad, M.P. – President and Founder of BWCCI, Director of Nitol-Niloy Group, Bangladesh; Naaz Farhana – president – Dhaka Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Dr. Mariyam Shakeela – President, and Addu Women’s Association (AWA) the Maldives.

The webinar was supported by the National President, Comrade Christopher Isiguzo; the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Nigeria; and Solomon Agborem, National President, Cameroon Association of Media Professionals.

“A woman’s health is influenced by her personal biology as well as her sociocultural, economic, and physical surroundings. These factors have an impact on the overall quality of their lives. A woman’s well-being is the most important factor above all. At various phases of their lives, women suffer from a variety of healthcare challenges. Today, it’s very important for them to prioritize their health. While much has been said about this, their health has not received the attention they deserve,read part of a combined statement by all superwomen.

Speaking on the women’s healthcare needs Mr. Karthik Rajagopal, Chief Operating Officer, Manipal Hospitals said, “Every woman, from a little girl to an elderly woman, suffers from several health challenges throughout her life. This webinar is an attempt by Manipal Hospitals to encourage women of every age group to understand the importance of their health and to start a conversation around women’s wellbeing. Manipal Hospitals believes that every woman deserves to live a healthy and happy life.”

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