Get Into A Relationship Only When You’re Ready To Marry – Benjamin Zulu

Benjamin Zulu is Counseling Psychologist, Conference Speaker, and a Life Coach

A lot of peoples’ idea of dating is to get into a relationship with one person and ‘build it to marriage.’

This is why they date when they’re not ready for marriage because they hope to get ready ‘in the near future’ and that’s how they spend years there and get totally enmeshed.

They believe they are still ‘building up towards marriage.

It may never get to marriage and it will leave you with permanent damage. Better to search only when you’re ready to marry and date only those who are ready like you are.

Spend all your prior years building yourself and easily escape the stresses of maintaining a doomed relationship.

You also avoid the stories of people who dated for many years and still married wrong. They did bookings too early before they knew who they were, and the ‘cost of maintenance’ for the booking delayed their growth and made them feel stuck with that person.

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Have faith in the process and do the right thing at the right time.

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