How to Identify a Woman Who Can Build You a Kingly Home


Do not get intimidated if you find that a lady you’re interested in has a well-furnished house, or she has a small but well-kept house in the standards of her current income.

Instead, be very encouraged because that’s a perfect picture of her mindset and her standards. Those are the signs of a queen brother. That’s what you need.

Don’t be foolishly scared of the very woman who can build you a kingly home. Just weigh what she’s earning versus what she has bought for her house and see how prudent she is with money.

Of course, she could also be supporting her family at home and other expenses, but the state of where she stays is a depiction of how she views herself.

When I visited my wife for the first time in the company of my friend she was living in a small single unit. It was the only type available in the small market near the school where she was teaching.

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It was the type of room where you can fit only a bed, a small table, and two chairs which you remove after the guests leave.

But the room was so clean, the choice of colors was elegant and most importantly, there was a TV which in my estimation was more than twice her salary.

Benjamin Zulu. A life coach and counseling psychologist

Meaning she had saved patiently until she bought it. I was sold.

By the way, brothers, do yourself a favor and never marry a dirty or messy woman. If she’s insensitive or careless with hygiene, no matter how beautiful she is, one day you’ll get fed up with everything about her.

From her food to her mannerisms and that will be the end of your connection.

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It’s a terrible place to be and you’re better advised to check this detail early.

In sum, this is the quickest way to gauge the personal standards and the capacity of a woman – whether she is the queen type with whom you can build a mansion and an empire, or she’s the careless type who will make you loathe coming home.

Portrait of a young woman with curly hair in the city

Check what she wears and where she lives vis-a-vis what she earns.

I know men are easily carried away by the type of body a woman has, so that if she has a generous ‘sitting allowance’ or a skin tone he likes he won’t notice anything else about her.

Be wise and check how that body is dressed and maintained because that level of attentiveness is what she will bring to your home.

Do people grow and change?

Of course, they do, but you must be able to see signs of responsibility and attentiveness from the word go.

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People only grow in the direction of their attitude and personality.

Is hygiene important for men to have as well?

Of course, very much so. But in this article, we’re focusing on the woman as the homemaker.

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