How to Stop Your Partner from Going through Your Calls and Messages Every Now and Then – Relationship Tips

If you are in a relationship, I am sure you have at some point encountered a situation where your partner, either male or female, has this habit of going through your phone call history, charts, WhatsApp messages, etc.

This is a habit common among women, although there are some men that also would go through their female lovers’ phones.

Some do it openly, while others opt to scan through the messages, and call logs when the partner is asleep, in the shower, or leaves it on the table to attend to something.

Well, if you’ve encountered this behavior, Benjamin Zulu, a Counseling Psychologist, Conference Speaker, and Life Coach has a solution to it.

Benjamin Zulu.

Here is how he wants you to address it;

“If your partner has the habit of obsessively going through your calls and messages every now and then without any provocation on your part, calmly but firmly ask them why they do that.

Any sane person knows that such conduct is disrespectful and it connotes mistrust. If they admit that they know it’s a bad habit and it comes from their traumatic experiences and betrayals in the past, help them stop it.

Sometimes the difference between a character flaw and a weakness is the person’s attitude about it.

When people own up and show genuine remorse, that’s not a deal-breaker but a challenge for both of you to help each other outgrow bad habits. But if they become defensive and accusatory, there’s no hope there.

It means they’re unwilling to change or stop, and the habit may be a projection of what they’re doing behind your back. Or worse, it may be an illustration of the fact that they take you for a cheat.”

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