How to Win a Girl Who Rejected You Before

Girls can be hard to deal with especially when they know you are after them. To get a chance to win your dream girl’s attention when they show no interest in you might be problematic. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot still win her.

Here are some ways to employ to win her heart after she rejected you.

Take the rejection easy

Don’t let the ego take over you. A lot of women like to be chased because they don’t want to be perceived as easy to get. At the moment you approach them, they can react harshly towards you but that does not really mean they don’t like you. Maybe they just overreacted due to emotional feelings.

Improve yourself

Everyone gets attracted to people who make a positive impact in their lives. If you show interest to a girl, they will always be curious to know how you are doing in your life.

Get yourself together and work on yourself to be better. Get something meaningful to do, get nice outfits. Make them realize the positive impact in your life that will drive them to desire to be part of your life.

Give them space

If you were chasing her before but she gave you a cold response, give her time and create some space. Don’t persist in chasing her even after the rejection. Keep distance and make them question why you’re not after them anymore. They will get curious why you are not giving them attention and that will start coming after you instead.

Be patient

Some girls play hard to get for a very long time. This should not be a reason for you to quit chasing your dream girl.

Girls never forget when a guy confesses their interest in them. Give her time to think about it and realize her true feelings. Be patient as you expect positive feedback because you cannot change someone’s feelings in a single day.

Reexamine your approach

It could be the strategy you used to seek her attention that did not impress her. You were too aggressive and eager to have her but maybe you used the wrong approach. Girls like attention but too much of it gets them irritated. Going all over her like a puppy can be a turn-off to her. They love it when you express your interest and give them time to digest and realize where their feeling fall.

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