However Much You Crave Love, Avoid Telling It to Everyone You Get Close To

I hope you find the courage to say goodbye to maybes and unclear promises.

There are people who sense your desire for companionship and then they act as if there’s a possibility of something between the two of you.

They dangle a carrot in front of you just so you can relax your defenses for them to use you. They’re not in your life to be lovers or friends. They play on your heart only to gain access and use you.

If you ask around you’ll find that most people were not heartbroken by their declared enemies but by someone who claimed to love them.

Your solution is to avoid wearing your needs on your sleeves. However much you crave love avoid telling it to everyone you get close to.

Some are masters at exploiting such needs. You may spend days with a person laughing and talking and then you mistake them for a friend or lover and you relax your guard.

Many of such people are emotional touts who hang on the door of your life just long enough to mince some benefits before they jump off.

Looking tired. Tired young man feeling lonely with his romantic friends and looking tired while sitting at the table

Learn to hold back your feelings and the secrets of your heart until you ascertain people’s true motives.

Time and patience alone will sort most of them out because they’re usually hoping for quick results and if they don’t succeed they fade away.

And you must not feel a loss when they fall off because you’ve not lost a lover. You’ve escaped a scammer.

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