I Prayed and My Dirty Borehole Water is Now Clean – Rachel Ruto


Does God answer prayers? Do you believe you can pray for something and get it?

Well, prayers do get answered, and here’s a testimony of an answered prayer from Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Rachael Ruto.

Since 2003, DP Ruto’s residence in Karen, Nairobi has had a borehole whose water could not be used for human consumption.

DP Ruto’s wife mama Rachael Ruto

This forced them to buy a water purifier – an expensive one for that matter, so that they can utilize the borehole water.

But as time went by, the purifier would experience mechanical problems, and would require regular repairs – which were also kind of expensive.

And I remember our boy at the residence was getting very frustrated,” Rachel Ruto told a group of clergy from Evangelical churches at the DP’s official residence in Karen.

Rachael Ruto speaks to group of clergy from Evangelical churches at the DP’s official residence in Karen

This has been the situation for the last few years – regular repairs, until the purifier broke down again recently.

This is when the DP’s wife thought of doing something differently.

I kept wondering and saying supposing I go pray for this water, is it possible to be purified?

Am I worthy to go and do what Elisha did just to go pray for this water?” he noted.

While visiting the Karen house last week, Rachael Ruto says she remembered about the borehole problem and this is where she finally resolved to pray about it.

You know what I did? I went to the Kitchen took a bowl, put salt and went to the bore hole and I went and decreed the words of Elisha,” said the DP’s wife, in reference to the Bible verse 2 Kings 2:19, where prophet Elisha purified unclean water.

“I went and said ‘this water will never be dirty again and I spread the water around the bore hold and I ran back into the house as it was about to rain,” Rachael narrated.

Days later after making the prayer, she notes, she returned to the house and noticed some changes – the borehole water was clean and fit for human consumption, without the purifier.

God surely answers prayers, and as Mama Rachael Ruto says, they have been thankful to God for the miracle.


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