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‘I’ll Be Back’, Asbel Kiprop Says as His 4-Year Doping Ban comes To an End


Three-time 1500 meters world champion Asbel Kiprop has announced his comeback following the end of his four-year doping ban.

Kiprop was handed the ban after failing a doping test in 2017, even though he maintains that he was innocent.

In announcing his return, Asbel Kiprop used the hashtag #IllBeBack perhaps to signal his readiness and desire to reclaim the world title.

The 30-year-old athlete has won three World Championship titles in the event, in 2011, 2013, and 2015. He was also awarded the 1500 m gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics after the original winner, Rashid Ramzi, tested positive for doping.

“As I resume into my normal training I wish to thank ADAK who have already contacted on me 4 out of competition tests this quarter. I’m looking forward to a transparent comeback and gradual progress,” Asbel Kiprop said, in part of a post shared on his Facebook page.

But even as he starts his training and rebuilding after the ban, the athlete maintains he has nothing to apologize for.

According to him, it was never his fault, as he has always advocated for a clean Sport.

He now wants events surrounding his test, which would later result in his ban investigated, in an exercise he hopes would help protect an innocent athlete in the future.

“I therefore call on my accusers attention in good faith for the success of (play ture) to kindly contact a private investigation of My 27th Nov 2017 alleged sample’s chain of custody & it’s call reason. I’m sure an answer that could protect an innocent athlete such trauma can be identified. Thankyou as you consider,” said Asbel Kiprop.

He also thanked his family and his employer the National Police Service (NPS) for the support they gave him when he was depressed following what he describes as a false doping ban.

“To those who lived in doubt; It is regrettable the situation that not only defiled your trust, It equally roped my career leaving a scar on my integrity,” he said.

Asbel Kiprop won his first major title at the 2007 All-Africa Games, taking the 1500 m gold medal, and also won the event at the 2010 African Championships in Athletics, improving upon a bronze medal performance from 2008.

His personal best for the distance is 3:26.69.

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