Joy for Two Families with Disabled Children after Nandi Journalists’ Visit

A group of journalists from Nandi County has visited two families who have children with disabilities from Kapyemit village in Nandi Hills Constituency.

The two families recently appealed for help from well-wishers to assist the children.

Speaking during the visit, the journalists under the Nandi Journalists Association (NAJA) said they made the visit so as to play their role as part of the community.

Aside from disseminating news we are also part of the society and as Nandi journalists, we decided to make a visit to the family because they are going through a hard time feeding on hand to mouth and buying drugs for their young ones,” said Elwin Cherop, NASA chairperson.

Some of the Nandi Journalists during the visit.

The group also challenged leaders in the county to assist the two families.

The family has suffered a big burden in raising the three disabled children. With the parents being laborers in the tea farms, they are living from hand to mouth. I appeal to well-wishers across the board to come in and support this family to cater for their basic needs and also medicine that keeps them going,” noted Beth Abuya, The Nandi County Information Officer.

During the visit, the journalists gave foodstuff to the two families.

One of the children, Justus Kipleting who is 14 years old became sick at 3 years. The condition tweaked his legs making him unable to walk.

His friend and neighbor Richard Maiyo has three daughters, one is paralyzed, another has a short memory and another child is suffering from epilepsy.

The three girls aged 18, 16, and 14 respectively come from a humble background and due to their conditions, their parents have had to stay at home and care for them.

I cannot go to work and look for money. I have to help my wife in taking care of our children because having 3 children with health issues is not easy to handle. All of them need special care depending on what they are suffering from,” said Maiyo, their father.

The family is urging the government to assist them financially so that they can enroll their children in special schools.

If Justus can go to school I am sure he can get better and also he can identify his talent as he studies. Also if he can get some assistance to enable him to walk around we shall truly appreciate it because he is growing and his parents will not be able to carry him around throughout,” Edwin Talam, a neighbor stated.

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