Letting Go Is a Strategy You Incorporate In Your Searching For Love

Letting Go Is a Strategy You Incorporate In Your Searching For Love

Learning to let go and allow things to unfold is not the same as giving up or resigning to fate. Instead, letting go is a strategy you incorporate in your searching for love and for the life you seek.

You pursue a romantic interest but once you lay hold of it you examine it and compare it with what you’re seeking.

You’re combining effort with patience and realism rather than impatience and desperation. You don’t close your eyes and unpack just because you’re tired. You’re both eager to find what you seek and also realistic enough to recognize what is not, and to release it with equanimity.

It’s much like driving a car; you’re in charge of the motion and speed, but you’re also aligned with traffic outside and the situation on the road. You slow when you have to and stop when you’re required to, but you don’t abandon your journey or blow out in desperation.

You know arriving at your destination will need a perfect blend of patience and persistence. You won’t park at the wrong place or take the wrong diversion. You know such actions will only prolong your journey and drive you to the brink of exhaustion

Similarly in your search for love, you don’t get sidetracked by emotional excitements or tag along in the wring company. You preserve your energy and mental focus for the journey.

You must resist the temptation to settle anywhere before you feel at home because you know nothing else will satisfy you except your destination.

This is the mindset that will lead you to your union of destiny.

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