Locals Want Kipkenyo Dumpsite in Eldoret Relocated

A section of locals living near Kipkenyo dumpsite on the outskirts of Eldoret town is calling on the Uasin Gishu County Government to consider relocating it to another place.

The locals lament that the dumpsite is subjecting them to adverse health issues as well as a negative impact on their children.

They say they are forced to seek medical attention almost on a daily basis due to the air pollution caused by the dumpsite.

The situation, the locals say, is usually worse during rainy seasons.

Part of the Kipkenyo dumpsite.

“Smoke from this place is causing us health issues and if possible, its relocation would be helpful. Like for me, I have to use over Ksh200 daily to clean smoke from my chest and it is not easy to get such kind of money,” says one of the locals.

“Many children in this area are always been taken to hospitals,” she added.

Kipkenyo dumpsite is a county-managed facility where all garbage collected around estates in Eldoret town is dumped.

Jackson Kiplimo, who has lived around the area for the last six years notes that air pollution as a result of the dumpsite has affected them.

“We have flies all over. Our house’s roofing has rusted and rats are all over our houses. We need this dumpsite relocated to another place,” said Paul Tum, a local at Kapsinende area, near the dumpsite.

The dumpsite is also luring children around the area, and no longer go to school.

“Our children no longer go to school, they go to the dumpsite to collect bottles and sell so that they can get some money to buy mandazi, and this makes them forget learning,” noted another local.

“Ukiingia hapa ndani, utafikiri ni machokora, lakini si chokora, ni watoto wetu wamepotelea hapo ndani,” she added.

County and Norrköping Municipality officials during a past visit to the Kipenyo dumpsite.

For the past 5 years, the County Government of Uasin Gishu has been working with Norrköping Municipality, in a collaboration that seeks to strengthen institutional capacity in planning, delivery, implementation, and management of waste and technical including good governance.

The partnership also aims to raise awareness of the need for and the benefits of sustainable solid waste management in public health, the environment, and the economy.

Through their activities, they wish to enhance the waste collection in the selected areas in Eldoret and improve the current situation of the Kipkenyo dumpsite through the acquisition of waste technology.

The project is yet to be fully implemented.

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