Mama Pima’, Husband and Son Arrested For Killing Customer at Chang’aa Den

Mama Pima’, Husband and Son Arrested For Killing Customer at Chang’aa Den

A man who had visited a chang’aa den to crown the Easter celebrations lost his life after he was attacked by the den’s ‘Mama Pima’ and her family.

Stanley Sing’oei, 39, had visited the well-known traditional liquor den in Arorwet village, Kuresoi sub-county, on Monday afternoon and was enjoying the homebrew in the company of Sheila Langat, the brewer cum proprietor of the den.

The two conversed spiritedly, as Sing’oei gulped his first pint in one swallow and ordered for a second.

He was barely done with the second when he noticed that Ksh23,500, which he had earlier put in one of his pockets was missing,” notes the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Since they were only the two of them, he turned to the ‘Mama Pima’ and asked her whether she had taken the money.

A confrontation ensued attracting the attention of her husband Charles Langat and their 17-year-old son who descended on the deceased, hacking him to death using a machete.

The area assistant chief Hillary Rotich, who was among the first responders rushed to the scene and found Sing’oei’s lifeless body sprawled on the ground, with a deep cut on his head,” DCI said.

The assistant chief alerted detectives based at Kuresoi police station, 40 kilometers away from the scene of the incident. The officers rushed to the homestead, arrested the three suspects, and recovered the murder weapon, which was taken as an exhibit.

A whole family of father, mother, and son is now in custody, being processed for murder, contrary to Section 203 as read with Section 204 of the Penal Code.

They are expected to be arraigned in court to face murder charges.

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