Mediheal Hospital Celebrates a Milestone 200 Successful Kidney Transplants

Mediheal Group of Hospitals on Monday, January 31, 2022, celebrated a new milestone in the health industry after surpassing 200 successful kidney transplants.

The hospital that has branches spread across the country and also in Rwanda set up a Kidney transplant Unit in 2019.

It has managed to reach a new milestone within about two and a half years.

Speaking during a colorful celebration at the hospital’s Eldoret branch, Dr. A.S Murthy, a consultant nephrologist said of all the kidney transplants at the facility, 95 percent of the patients are now doing well.

“They have already gone back to their workplaces, colleges, etc. Basically, they have returned to their normal life, over a year since the transplant was done,” said Dr. Murthy.

The consultant nephrologist says the survival rate for Kidney transplants conducted at the Mediheal Group of Hospitals was far better than those done outside the country.

This, he related to the close collaboration, and care the family members give to the patient after the transplant.

“99 percent of the donors are usually first or second degree relatives and very close friends. This is what has helped ensure the high success rate for our Kidney transplant program,” added Dr Sanandabag.

With the success of the over 200 Kidney transplants, the hospital is now planning to expand its capacity, a move that will enable it conduct even more transplants.

As at now, the Mediheal Group of Hospitals has been conducting Kidney transplants to patients from not only Kenya but also across other East African countries.

“We are going to expand our capacity. This is just a single team, and will now expand to all units of Mediheal,” sai Dr Murthy.

The cost of doing Kidney transplant at the hospital is between Ksh1.6 to Ksh1.8 million, comprated to Ksh5-6million for transpants conducted outside the country.

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