Moiben MP Silas Tiren Hits Out at UDA Politicians for Profiling Him as Anti-Ruto

Moiben MP Silas Tiren Hits Out at UDA Politicians for Profiling Him as Anti-Ruto

Moiben Member of Parliament Silas Tiren has asked politicians to stop profiling others based on their political stands.

Tiren says it is wrong for some politicians in the North Rift region to profile others as anti-Deputy President William Ruto.

In a recent Eldoret rally, the MP was among politicians singled out as opposed to the DPs presidential bid.

MP Silas Tiren.

Others were Kesses legislator Dr. Swarup Mishra and his Cherangany counterpart Joshua Kutuny.

Politicians allied to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in the region have been asking voters to teach the ‘rebels’ a political lesson in the upcoming general elections.

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But according to Tiren, those opposed to DP Ruto’s presidential bid should not be threatened and profiled.

“Those leaders who are profiling people need to be very careful because why do you profile somebody? What have you seen that is important in profiling somebody? If somebody does not feel that they don’t what to support you, you don’t profile them. You try and convince them and tell them this is why I want you to support me,” the legislator said.

MP Tiren.

He now wants politicians to focus on giving the electorate their manifesto rather than resorting to profiling.

“Let leaders give us their manifestos so that when they are not able to live to those manifestos we can challenge them. But when they come to make political statements how will we challenge them,” Tiren said.

The MP elected on a Jubilee ticket has not yet declared through which political party he will be seeking re-election.

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While many of the legislators in Uasin Gishu now subscribe to the Hustler Nation narrative, Tiren remains mum on which side he is.

Many UDA politicians consider him part of Kieleweke, a faction within the Jubilee party that still supports President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Alongside Mishra, Uasin Gishu Senator Prof Margaret Kamar, and Cherangany’s Kutuny, Tiren benefited from the Jubilee purge – as he was elected chairperson of the National Assembly Agriculture Committee

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