Nandi County Enrolls Its Staff on Medical Insurance Cover

Nandi County Enrolls Its Staff on Medical Insurance Cover

The County Government of Nandi has entered into a contract with Britam Insurance Company.

The scheme will provide comprehensive quality medical insurance cover for all the County employees and their dependents.

At the launch, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang said this is one of the county’s welfare strategies to protect and support the health and well-being of the staff so they can remain active and productive members.

Among the services that will be covered are; Dental insurance, Optical insurance, Maternity, and fertility coverage among others.

The CECM for Health and Sanitation Ruth Koech said: “We are working towards building a healthy County, hence we expect quality healthcare provision to our staff in all cadres as per the contract terms we’ve entered with the insurance firm, in the medical facilities chosen by our staff” She continued to urge all the staff members to ensure they go for regular checkups as preventative medical solutions can amplify the benefits where staff are aware and engaged with such perks while extending the cover to their families can also alleviate external stress.”

“The Insurance Medical cover is more than just eliminating the Out-Of-Pocket expenditure but also about ensuring access to quality health care. We are expanding the health sector capacity in both structural and resource, to handle the needs of our people. Additionally, we are in the process of registering all People Living With Disability into a free NHIF scheme, by the County which will improve and ease their livelihood.”.

– Governor Sang.

Staff Medical insurance comes as a relief at a time of realization that most families sell their land and exhaust family income to cover medical bills.

Nandi Deputy Governor Yulita Cheruiyot.

Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot on her part said the contract will see a healthier and more focused workforce with less absenteeism, hence an overall boost in productivity.

Nandi is among the few Counties that have covered its staff in both Outpatient and Inpatient care.

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