NCCK to Churches: Don’t Support Any Political Candidate


The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has asked the church and religious leaders to remain politically neutral, especially as the country heads to the campaign period.

NCCK North Rift chairman Rev. Daniel Barno says for the church to take sides in the political contest will be doing injustice to its members.

According to Rev. Barno, the church and religious leaders must always focus on unifying their members, irrespective of their diverse political affiliations.

“We all have a personal responsibility to elect leaders as Kenyans. Everyone’s vote is their own secret. This is why I want to ask churches and religious not to take sides in politics. Siding with one party – we would be doing injustice,” noted the NCCK North Rift chairman.

Rev. Barno also said no politician will be allowed to campaign inside the church.

He, however, said politicians are free to look for votes once the church service is over.

“As NCCK, we have banned politicians doing politics in churches. Let them come as other congregants to worship. If they do politics it should be out of the church and out of service,” noted Rev. Barno.

Speaking at Kipkorgot Reformed Church of East Africa (RCEA), the NCCK North Rift boss further advised Kenyans to focus on electing leaders who will help transform the country.

He also cautioned the youth against being used to cause chaos and violence, during, before, and after the August 9, 2022, general election.

“Use your vote to elect a person that can help you, help the country and ensure peace in the country. The main thing that we need now is peace. Peace is what brings development and successes for us as a nation,” said Rev. Barno.

“Let’s be the first to champion for peace,” he added.

DP William Ruto addressing a past political rally

August poll campaigns are expected to soon be taken a notch higher with political parties preparing for nominations.

The nominations are scheduled to be held before the end of April.

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