Never Stay With a Person Just Because You Have a Child with Them – Benjamin Zulu

Never Stay With a Person Just Because You Have a Child with Them – Benjamin Zulu

Laziness and a defeated mindset are the CHIEF causes of poverty and financial misery. I said the other day that a woman who is comfortable getting into marriage without first developing themselves to a point where she can earn something and contribute to the family finances has a loose nut in her head. She lacks the basic survival instinct to ask herself how she would feed the children in case the man died or ran away or became incapacitated.

There are men also who sit at home to be fed and to siphon money from the woman to finance his expensive pastimes. Idle people always have something to kill time with and it’s usually a costly habit or addiction like alcoholism or betting.

How do such men come about? Either they were working and when they lost their job they no longer put their mind at getting another one. They have seen that the woman is manipulatable and she has an excessive sense of responsibility and very weak boundaries. Or he never had a source of income from the word go and the fact that she married him being like that was almost a sure sign she was ready to be the provider.

There are other men who work but they don’t contribute anything to the family. They leave the woman to bear every weight.

All these men should never have been anybody’s husband because they don’t want any responsibility of being one. But women stay with them because of a defeated belief that it’s for the sake of the children or ‘fighting for her marriage.’ So you want your children to emulate a couch potato or a selfish and heartless man?

Being married requires more than just being a man or woman who can get a child. It requires a certain mindset and preparedness. Make sure you’re married to a person who is ready to undertake the responsibilities of marriage.

Never stay with a person just because you have a child with them or because you did a wedding with them. A child is a matter of biology and even animals have it.

A wedding is a history and you can’t stay stuck in the past. Look for the heart of readiness to lift the weight today.

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