North Rift Leaders Threaten To March to State House

North Rift Leaders Threaten To March to State House

A section of political leaders in the North Rift region has issued a 5-day ultimatum asking the government to handle the insecurity situation in Kerio Valley.

Led by Keiyo South Member of Parliament Daniel Rono, the politicians say should the government fail to take action aimed at securing the region they will hold a major demonstration to the State House.

We will have entire Rift Valley march to State House to demand this thing is put to rest,” said the MP.

Keiyo South MP Daniel Rono.

According to the legislator, the current attacks in the region are no longer the normal banditry but coordinated attacks.

He also hit out at the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Coordination Dr Fred Matiang’i and the security agencies over the manner in which he is handling the situation.

The Rift Valley Commissioner recently held a meeting in Nakuru to address the Kerio Valley situation.

“Where is Matiangi’? The other day they called all the leadership and entire Rift Valley to Nakuru to talk about insecurity – this is no longer a boardroom issue, it’s the issue to go to the ground, take the army, the police, and whoever that can help restore sanity,” Rono said.

CS Mtiang’i.

Kerio Valley has been facing regular attacks from individuals believed to be bandits, the recent one being the murder of 8 people.

But despite the attacks said to be staged by bandits, the MP says it is no longer banditry – but ‘Al Shabab Style’ of attacks.

He now wants President Uhuru Kenyatta to take the lead and ensure the matter is addressed.

The legislator has expressed concerns that Uhuru is busy engaging in politics while Kerio Valley people are facing attacks from criminals.

Past photo of Uhuru with Raila.

You’re retiring, you need to leave a legacy. Which legacy do you want to leave? Insecurity?” the MP asked.

Put this thing to rest, stop campaigning for your would-be successor Raila Odinga. Go to the ground, you’re the commander in chief you must now to go the ground,” he added.

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