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North Rift Muslim Youth Daawa Group Questions Establishment of Grand Mufti Office

A section of Muslims in the North Rift region has questioned the process used in the recent establishment of the Grand Mufti office.

The Kenya National Muslim Advisory Council (KEMNAC) recently unveiled members of the mufti office from the national to the sub-county level, led by Omar Abubakar.

According to KEMNAC’s Sheikh Juma Ngao, the Mufti office will make final decisions on matters affecting the Muslim community in the country.

But for the North Rift Muslim Youth Daawa Group, the recent appointment of the mufti was not done in the right way.

North Rift Muslim Youth Daawa Group Secretary-General Jamal Diriwo Omari.

We support having mufti in Kenya but the manner and the way members were selected did not follow the right procedure,” says North Rift Muslim Youth Daawa Group Secretary-General Jamal Diriwo Mungatana.

Diriwo says the Grand Mufti Office is a key institution for the Muslims and the role of picking its members cannot be left only to KEMNAC.

He says KEMNAC is an advisory body, and decisions it makes are never final, as they are merely pieces of advice.

It would be better if all stakeholders come on board, have a sit down to draft guidelines and regulations of the Mufti office appointment and operation so that it is established in the best way possible,” said Diriwo.

KEMNAC’s Sheikh Juma Ngao and Mufti head Omar Abubakar

He further notes that there should be only two individuals in the Grand Mufti Office – the head mufti and his deputy, and not 47 as is the case with the team unveiled by KEMNAC.

The North Rift Muslim Youth Daawa Group Secretary-General further says there is need for the mufti office to be enshrined in the constitution, alongside the introduction of new Muslim judicial system through setting up of a Muslim High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

Currently, legal Muslim matters are handled by Kadhis at the lower court with the Chief Kadhi being overall.

Some members of the recently established Grand Mufti Office

The grand mufti office is expected to be above the Chief Kadhi on matters involving Muslims.

The mufti should be from the umbrella body of the Muslim organization which is the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM),” said Diriwo.

The structure of administration will be headed by National grand mufti, 8 region muftis, 47 county muftis,5 Mufti elders and the structure will extend to the ward level

Under the current Grand Mufti office, it is headed by the National grand mufti together with 8 region muftis, 47 county muftis, 5 Mufti elders and the structure will extend to the ward level.

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