On Your Body, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Have No Benefits

On Your Body, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Have No Benefits

The human being’s body is meant to consume good nutrients that have balanced diets, that is, vitamins, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

The above-mentioned, alcohol and drug abuse are not included.

Alcohol and drug abuse create enmity to your health. The more you consume alcohol and use drugs the more your health deteriorates. Your health is your life.

The productivity rate especially for the men will reduce. They will be lazy in bed for this case domestic violence and cheating might arise. Unproductivity also kills future generations.

Drugs cause mental problems such as hallucinations and brain damages thus leading to improper performance of the mind and brains.

Many people especially the youth have developed the myths of using drugs and alcohol to free up stress. This is totally wrong! The best solution is to seek guidance and counseling.

I know this is the season of Christmas where alcohol is in high demand but try to abstain to save your future lifespan. Just prefer using soft drinks instead.

Drinking alcohol and using drugs will never make you superior, it will be just fantasy in your hallucination.

If you are planning to use it, kindly I love you, I care for your health stop it! Go for quencher, afya, soda, yogurt, and many other soft drinks. There is also a solution for the addicted ones, visit a rehabilitation center or any available health center for help.

I urge the County Government of Uasin Gishu to issue a warning to the producers of busaa, changaa, and other illicit liquor – this might aid to minimize the damage.

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