One Type of People You Should Remove From Your Life This 2022

Don’t let anyone call themselves your friend if they allow people to disrespect your name when you’re not around.

True friendship means I feel for you as if I’m the one being attacked.

People who sit comfortably with your enemies cannot be genuine friends with you.

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They harbor envy towards you and although they lack the courage to attack you themselves they feel good when someone else is doing it.

But still, they can’t stop being close to you because they want a close view of your life to continue convincing themselves that you’re not that special after all. They interpret everything badly to make you look smaller and less threatening.

You have a good body shape or you dress and maintain yourself very well? They say you’ll lose it when you get pregnant or when you have to raise a child. Or they support other people when they say so. You seem inseparable with your partner?

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They say it’s just because you’re newly married. You get a promotion at work and they say you were unfairly chosen.

You’re likely to overlook these ambiguous signals because on some occasions they’re very friendly and supportive. They can support you with money when you have an event. They can give you ideas on how to build a business. But the trick is that they want to be ahead of you in all these things. They advise you to prove they’re better than you. They give you money to rubber stamp the fact that they have more of it than you.

Do yourself a favor and gradually but decisively remove such people from your life. If you don’t, when you begin to overtake them they will hurt you in ways you may never recover. Deny them access to your life because they need the information to launch an attack like damaging rumors or smear campaign.

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