Opinion: Kenyan Politics Has Lacked Democratic Outlook

Opinion: Kenyan Politics Has Lacked Democratic Outlook

Since Kenya gained independence in 1963, it became a republic and is considered a democratic country. However, this is only fulfilled on paper, but there is nothing to show for in reality.

The 2010 constitution enhanced multi-party democracy and put more emphasis on freedom of association – which allows for the formation of many parties, and Kenya has achieved this.

Endorsements are now on the rise. Same to the many political leaders who are aspirants seeking various political positions from President, Governors, and senators among others – hoping to get the support that will enable them to secure the seats.

The majority of political leaders especially the ones vying for the presidency seek support from dominant communities like those in Mt Kenya and Rift Valley regions as well as influential leaders often referred to as dynasties. What the politicians have forgotten is that powers belong to the people of Kenya.

Politicians neglect minority people, tribes, and regions while campaigning, forgetting that all Kenyans have the right to vote their leaders of choice. Many leaders have ignored them because they are seen as voiceless and their votes have no political impact.

Past political rally.

Many political leaders are far from meeting the constitutional threshold concerning leadership and integrity, as some of their actions are usually unconstitutional.

They use a lot of money on campaigns, exceeding the set limits, while some leaders are corrupt – sadly, they go on to vie for the leadership seats, with many winning.

Unnecessary campaigns

They often start campaigning earlier instead of focusing on developing the economy and implementing manifestos they promised citizens.

They do campaigns in places they should not like places of worship, funerals, and schools. Those with trappings of power humiliate and discriminate against their opponents by shutting them down using government machines.

IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is being manipulated by government officials including the President and other politicians. They are in control of the IEBC over the election operations and regulations.

IEBC is not yet independent and free from threats and pressure from powerful politicians.

From colonialism, now we are under neo-colonialism which is worse! God forbid! Activists fight hard! Citizens say enough is enough! Media condemn boldly! Politicians stop and change!

Let IEBC exercise power over elections without any pressure or control.

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