Pupils in a past CBC classwork.

Opinion: Politicians Should Embrace CBC

A number of politicians have been going around the country promising Kenyans that should they form the next government, they will abolish the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

I agree with the opinion of the National Parents Association chairperson Nicholas Maiyo that CBC should not be abolished but instead, if there are any gray areas, they should be fixed.

The majority of politicians want just to please Kenyans for political gain because they know very well that Kenyans have been complaining since the introduction of this new curriculum. 

Let us understand each other, parents are only complaining because of the huge expenses that were thrown at them. They wanted the government to take the burden of financing CBC, which will be ever the best education system.

Education CS George Magoha.

CBC reduces the period learners will be in school, focusing more on capabilities compared to papers that were the emphasis in the 8-4-4 curriculum.

Through the Competency-Based Curriculum education system, children’s virtues, values, and behaviors are improved. The level of discipline and competency will increase.

This new curriculum nurtures young talents into mature ones, by the sharpening skills of every child. This enables teachers to recognize the potential of every child at a very early age.

CBC is basically better than 8.4.4. It involves more practical compared to the 8.4.4 system that deals with more theories and is less practical.

Pupils on CBC practicals.

On the issue of lack of jobs, CBC is somehow going to solve it. As the rate of skills increases, chances of job opportunities become more available and many people employ themselves.

Those politicians who are on the frontline to oppose CBC should stop. They know the benefits of CBC, but they are looking down upon this new curriculum.

CBC is going to produce many productive talents from learners and the nation will benefit from this. Let us go for CBC, for a better tomorrow for our kids.

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