Parents Should Be Accountable For Their Daughters’ Pregnancies

Recently revealed shocking statistics show that over 27000 school girls have been impregnated in Uasin Gishu County for the last four years.

This means girls’ future is destroyed in the hands of those involved.

A girl child has special basic needs besides the ordinary ones thus the cist incurred supposed to meet those needs. Who has to meet them? Without hesitation, it is a parent or guardian since he/she is the one taking care. When the needs fail to be met, someone else will meet them, and a majority of them are men. In return, the girl child pays back with her body.

Majority of these girls who get impregnated come from poor families. Many parents from such backgrounds rarely understand their daughter’s needs. Some ignore them. I urge you as a parent to start saving an as little amount of money as you can for your daughters. The majority of them have been possessed with greediness.

When a girl, especially a student lacks an alternative way of getting help in terms of finances, she leans behind the man’s muscle for sponsorship to stop hunger of absence of her basic needs such as pads, cosmetics, and clothes.

Some girls are forced to enter into the world of prostitution so as to cater to their needs. You may think she is an orphan but some are not, their parents are still there and energetic for that matter. It is only that they do not pay much attention to bringing up children, more so, girls.

Idleness attracts evils, the more she stays idle the less she thinks of important ideas. She decides to join the entertainment world. The one that is supposed to control this is you as a parent. Ensure you give her assignments to do. She will become busy thus shunning away evil thoughts.

Some parents grant many restrictions to their daughters which make them to adapt the environment and invent new tricks so as to see what they are hiding from them. Others end up granting them excess freedom, they are fully exposed to the world and start testing nearly everything – including the destructive ones.

Lack of discipline among children

Once parents spare the rot, they spoil the child. The behaviors that might be acquired are not welcoming. Many of them are immoral. Parents are the first teachers to the children. You have to be responsible for instilling good manners.

Lastly, more blames goes to parents/guardians. Despite the fact that there is poverty among us, give your daughter the little you have to save them from the temptation of trading their bodies to get what they don’t have.

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