The GSU officer is believed to have found the deceased in a compromising situation with his wife.

Police Injured, Hospitalized as Two Women Fight for Him


What began as a fun-filled night with a happy ending in sight, ended up in tears for a police officer based at Kware police station in Embakasi, who is currently admitted in a city hospital.

The officer left his place of work after his shift and opted to enjoy the rest of the night irrigating his throat with a few swallows, at the Villa police station canteen.

While imbibing his drinks he engaged one of the bar stewards who was serving him identified as Lucy Mueni in a hearty conversation.

Mueni appeared to have been smitten by the recently graduated officer as, she would sit next to him giggling in excitement, whenever she was not serving the rest of the patrons.

This however did not go down well with her colleague Favian Nekesa, who was seated behind the counter burning with rage, her eyes rolling in anger.

Unbeknownst to Mueni, her colleague was equally attracted to the cop with an athletic physique and a neatly trimmed moustache. They must have had a thing before.

Unable to take any more of their shenanigans, Nekesa left the counter flying and launched a barrage of blows and kicks at the hapless Mueni who was sent tumbling on the floor injuring her head and hands.

Before the officer knew what was happening, he was met with flying projectiles from Nekesa as the altercation developed to a full blown commotion attracting other police officers on patrol to the bar, who brought back sanity.

The two injured lovebirds who had just met were then escorted to nearby Mukuru health centre for medical attention and allowed to go home.

However, the officer’s condition deteriorated and at around 3am, he was rushed to a city hospital where he is currently admitted in stable condition nursing his wounds.

Investigations into the incident have since been launched.


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