Relationship Tips: Always Remember Your League and Stick To Your Lanes

Guys, it’s important to always remember your league and stick to your lanes.

We still have ladies who allow themselves to be used and entangled with men who can NEVER marry them.

Common sense should tell you that a medical doctor or a lawyer or an engineer doesn’t mean well when he’s wooing a lady who never went past form four and is still trying to scrape around with unskilled labor to save for college.

She may be a part-time nanny or vendor of food on construction sites, very determined to work her way out of her situation.

But as hard-working, as she may be, she’s also aware that her season is very different and her path is long towards self-reliance.

And then an unscrupulous fellow habitually parks his Subaru at her kiosk showing interest as a lover and she believes it! Soon she’s heading over heels in love with him and she’s dancing his tune.

She loses focus with her business as the relationship takes first place in her life. She’s at his beck and call and he uses her all he wants until he moves on with insulting ease.

Before she wakes up from the romantic daydream he has vanished as soon as he came. Her hustle is disorganized and the little gains she had made in self-development are reversed.

And if a baby had resulted from the escapades she might spiral all the way back to the poverty she was trying to run away from.

It’s cruel to see the person who was promising to marry you splashing photos of their wedding on social media and you’re even too embarrassed to tell people you had a thing with them.

What happened there? Stupid naivety. I know motivational quotes have told you to have no limits and to try anything but please try also and be practical.

Many people have a fetish or sexual fantasy for people of low means. They want someone who will worship the ground they walk on. They come to you when they’re very far ahead in life so that you feel very lucky to have them and so you do anything they want. They talk love because they know you’ll believe it.

You’ll see a well-to-do woman coming down to a guy who has yet to get his life together. Didn’t finish school, had no job, nothing going on with their life. Because this way then she will be totally in control.

Such women usually fear submitting to them and so they look for the ‘least harmful’ man.

Solution? These sex hunters are in it for the fun and your body is their plaything. Simply make your body inaccessible by preserving it for marriage. Also, be realistic and if a deal seems too good to be true, obey your instincts.

Exemption and disclaimer: this article does not suggest that having lacked the opportunity to develop oneself means that person also has no principles.

Being principled and disciplined has nothing to do with education but everything to do with a person’s self-respect and dignity.

In this regard, you can lack formal education and still marry someone who is learned even to Ph.D. How? You’re self-educated through business or some other craft and you’ve spent nearly as much time learning as them.

You connect because of your level of vision and focus. You’re both self-respecting and it’s not sex or exploitation that brings you together. These kinds of couples exist and they’re a wonder to behold.

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