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Reuben Kigame Lists Four Things that Will Bring Down Ruto’s Government

Former Presidential aspirant Reuben Kigame has written a ‘truthful speaking’ letter to President William Ruto cautioning him over the current state of the country.

In the letter, the Jenga Mkenya Movement leader listed at least four things he said would lead to Ruto’s downfall – unless he addresses them.

I want to warn you in love about four things that may bring your downfall sooner than later, and the sooner you turn around and do the right thing, the better,” Kigame says in part of his lengthy letter.

He argues that while Kenyans gave him the mandate to lead the country, Ruto has been destroying it systematically by day.

….if we let you go on the way you are, we will not have a country, but you can also be sure of this, we will also not have you as president,” the veteran gospel musician added.

Here are the four things Kigame says will lead to Ruto’s downfall:

Display of unforgiveness

The Njenga Mkenya Movement leader opines that the President has openly indicated that he is out to revenge against his political enemies, especially his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta.

He says revenge and unforgiveness never words, but instead leaves destruction.

Kigame is also cautioning against what he describes as skewed public appointments.

This attitude of revenge, favouritism and crony capitalism, coupled with your open ethnic appointments will not make you survive as a leader,” he said.

Take it from me. Unless you change this, the nation called Kenya will spit you out as a leader. It has not worked in the past. It cannot work here. It will never work. It will bring you down unless you change,” he adds.

Over-taxation and extravagant spending

According to Kigame, the current regime has imposed unnecessarily high taxes on Kenyans, while at the same time spending extravagantly.

To survive, the former presidential aspirant wants Ruto to scrap unnecessary offices, stop foreign trips as well as avoid hosting government meetings in Mombasa and Naivasha.

Overtaxing your fellow citizens while spending the same taxes extravagantly cannot lead to Kenya’s prosperity,” Kigame says in part of the open letter.

Abolish all unnecessary government offices like those of the First Lady, Second Lady and Spouse to the Prime Cabinet Secretary, etc. Most of all, instead of increasing taxes, lower them so that more people can pay with the little they have,” he adds.

Wrong priorities

With the President pushing for implementation of the Housing Fund levy, the gospel singer argues that it clearly shows how wrong the Kenya Kwanza priorities are.

He says the government cannot force people to have houses yet they have not asked for.

Kigame notes that with the current state of economy, food should be a priority for the government and not houses.

He claims push for affordable housing is all about financial benefits to individuals that will get tehfere to build them.

If you insist that we must have houses instead of affordable and available food, Mr. President we will impeach you together with your members of parliament. Why? Because we don’t want your houses before we have food,” Kigame warns.

He adds that, “What is more, you cannot take money from workers by force in the name of building them houses. They did not tell you that is what they want, and most of them already have houses“.

Obsession with implementing global policies

The fourth thing that Kigame say might lead to the downfall of President Ruto and his administration is what he describes as an obsession to implement global policies at the expense of national sovereignty and integrity.

He lists sending of military to DRC before addressing banditry in North Rift and approval of GMO importation as some of the clear indication of how Ruto is obsessed with implementing foreign policies.

Importation of fertilizer when the country can manufacture its on alongside a ban on use of animal manure in farms is another decision that Kigame warns might haunt the Kenya Kwanza government.

In the process, you have made our country a dumping ground for foreign goods, including maize, instead of empowering our local farmers,” he noted.

Kigame notes that the President is currently on his own with what he had done “but if you turn around, we will be here, waiting to support and encourage you.

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