Richard Onyonka, Be Mindful With Your Words – Opinion

Richard Onyonka, Be Mindful With Your Words – Opinion

A tongue is a lighter and a small organ, it builds when used wisely and will destroy when wrongly used. Once you utter a wrong or abusive word it is never erased.

Kitutu Chache MP Richard Onyonka, during a political rally in Kisii County, spoke some words that seemed to be divisive and carried propaganda for war.

His words reminded many Kenyans of the 2007/2008 post-election violence where a high number of communities were affected at large. The effects were both physically, emotionally, psychologically, and economically.

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Richard Onyonka’s utterances have instilled fear and worries among Kenyans as we are heading to the August 9, 2022 poll.

It would have been right for Onyonka to take his grudge and political differences with Deputy President Dr. William Ruto privately rather than in public.

Kitutu Chache MP Richard Onyonka.

Not only did Abagusii people suffer during the 2007/08 chaos. Many other communities also suffered a great loss of property and the lives of their beloved ones were tortured.

Let us forget what has passed especially horrible ones. Let everyone, more so leaders, be very careful with their language while communicating. This shows a lack of intelligence in some of our political leaders and an absence of competence.

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Richard Onyonka, I urge you and those with similar manners to grow up! Think before you leap! This nation is for many and the majority want to live in peace, harmony, and unity.

You have lost your value and respect. Revisit your words. I feel sorry for you and Kenyans. Apologize to the public and fellow leaders, then from there, I will call you a leader of this nation.

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