Socialite Huddah Monroe Willing To Sell Womb for Ksh113 Million

Socialite Huddah Monroe has named her price for any man that wants her to carry his child.

Huddah, in a post shared on her Insta Stories, said she was ready to sell her womb – but it will come at a cost of a million US Dollars.

Huddah Monroe.

This is an equivalent of over Ksh113.1 million – going by the current exchange rate of Ksh113.1 for a dollar.

The amount is, however, exclusive of child support, which Socialite Huddah Monroe says will be discussed with an interested man – while in the process of conceiving the child.

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“I’m selling my womb. Lol. $1,000,000. To be your baby momma. Child support we shall agree while we fucking to conceive,” Hudda said in the Insta Stories.

A snip of the Insta Stories post.

In a previous post, the socialite hinted at her unwillingness to get into marriage, pointing out that “marriage can only last if you are married to Jesus Christ himself…”

She however insisted that she was ready to be a baby mama, but with no strings attached.

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“I’m ready to be a baby momma to a king who wants ovary donation lol! No strings attached,” Huddah Monroe said.

Socialite Huddah Monroe

Officially known as Alhida Njoroge, Huddah Monroe is also a Kenyan model and entrepreneur.

She owns a successful makeup line – Huddah Cosmetics.

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