Transporters: Why is the government unable to resolve fuel shortage issue?

Transporters: Why is the government unable to resolve fuel shortage issue?

The Kenya Transporters Association has demanded for quick action to be taken to end the ongoing fuel shortage crisis in the country.

In a press release, the association questioned why there was still no fuel in the country even with the release of fuel subsidy money.

With the ongoing crisis, the government has severally stated that there is enough fuel in the country.

It also recently said and that they had remitted the subsides that were due to oil companies and which were said to be the reason the oil marketers were not importing and distributing fuel.

Motorists scrambled for fuel at a petrol station in Eldoret

We were assured the current fuel crisis will be resolved in two to three days after the payment of subsides. We assume that the subsidies were paid in full,” said the statement issued by Newtown Wang’oo, chairman, Kenya Transporters Association.

One week has passed and transporters are still suffering with long queues being experienced in many parts of the country.”

Aside from fuel shortage at the pump, transporters are also up in arms over the shortage experienced by bulk buyers with the current prices 25 percent higher than pump prices when the fuel is available.

How can there be enough fuel at the same time a shortage of fuel where it is needed? Are there plans to increase fuel prices? Is fuel being hoarded to await price increase in the next cycle? Why is the government unable to resolve the issue?” they asked.

The transporters note that they are wasting a lot of time in queues waiting for fuel which translates to huge loses as they still have to pay their fixed costs.

Loses are also incured by other related sectors like agents and manufacturers as demurrages and delays in delivering essential materials add to costs of production and the final product.

It is not enough to assure Kenyans that there is enough fuel. Livelihoods are at stake. It is also important to note that any fuel fuel price increase will lead to increase in transportation rates and this chain of reaction will end with high cost for goods on the shelves,” warned the transporters association.

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