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Walken Sets Date for Unveiling of Bybit Launchpad 2.0

Walken protocol, the market’s first all-in-one product based on the Walk2Play-Win2Earn concept, will launch on June 20 in partnership with Bybit as the first listing platform for its token $WLKN.

Bybit users can access the token on Launchpad 2.0, a freshly revamped platform for groundbreaking blockchain projects. Bybit users can commit BIT to subscribe to token allocations or participate in Launchpad 2.0’s new lottery model for early-stage projects for a chance to win allocations of new tokens with USDT.

It also allows users to buy through the Launchpad the best-performing tokens that were previously listed.

Walken is a Solana-powered game that combines the play-to-earn and move-to-earn aspects. Walken gamifies simple daily activities, such as walking and running, to promote a healthy lifestyle and rewards users for being physically active on a daily basis.

In the Walken ecosystem, it pays to maintain an active lifestyle where steps and exercises recorded on your Apple HealthKit or Android Health-enabled smart watches and devices can be converted into real value.

How it works

Each user has a character called CAThlete, and their steps are converted into GEMs, the in-game currency of Walken.

A thousand steps equal one GEM, which is used to improve a CAThlete’s speed, strength, and stamina.

The launch of Walken’s in-game token $WLKN on Bybit Launchpad 2.0 provides users with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through allocation.

In the game, $WLKN is gained in competitions and can be used to upgrade a CAThlete’s level or equip them with items from the Marketplace for extra stats points and boost their chance to win more competitions.

Driving positive lifestyle changes

As we move toward a post-pandemic world, more and more people are shifting from a sedentary lifestyle of being cooped up in their homes to a more active lifestyle.

A unique project that connects a healthy lifestyle to the burgeoning digital economy, Walken offers a fun and rewarding experience for the health-conscious that also simplifies the journey into the crypto space for many, driving new users into web3 and positively impacting their lives while cultivating a sustainable future for $WLKN.

Bybit is a partner we could only dream of. They were one of the first top players to believe in Walken as a team and a product concept, and since then have been supporting us in every way. We are infinitely grateful for this and are honored to be launching and growing Walken with Bybit.” said Alexei Kulevets, CEO and co-founder of Walken.

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