Why Men Are Dominating Beauty Industry in Eldoret Town

Why Men Are Dominating Beauty Industry in Eldoret Town

The beauty industry has grown and advanced to be the source of employment for many people.

Traditionally, this industry was known to be dominated by women. For a few decades, men started penetrating into it and are now dominating it, especially in Eldoret town.

Today, many men in Eldoret work as beauty specialists. A good number of beauty shops are owned by men and not fewer than two male attendants.

Men in this town are now doing better than female specialists and taking over in services such as manicure, pedicure, makeup, facial care services, and hairdressing/cutting services.

What could be the reasons men are almost taking over the beauty industry in Eldoret? This article provides some of the reasons;

Job Opportunities

The beauty industry is growing, opening more job opportunities. The scarcity of jobs in the country has posed a challenge to everyone to look for ways to earn a living. The beauty industry is one of the fields that is giving chance to Eldoret men to explore the opportunities. It is among the jobs that can earn you a living by using your ability and creativity.

Women Are Attracted To Male Beauty Attendants

Most of the beauty services are aimed at women. Women, traditionally, like to be attended to by men, as the saying goes ‘unlike poles attract, like poles repel’.

If you have ever gone to a salon or a beauty parlor with both male and female attendants, you will find a long line of female customers waiting to be served by the male attendants. This is because women believe males will do it better and wholeheartedly than women.

The Growing Market for Male Services in Beauty Industry

Professionalism in the beauty industry has shifted. Men are becoming more professional in this sector than women. Due to the quality work that they offer, it promotes them creating a good market for them.

This has motivated many to venture into this industry. Sometimes, women don’t go smooth on their fellow women while attending to them.

Men offer better services than women. Many women will say that they feel more comfortable being served by a man than a woman, the reason is men will serve you with one heart when it comes to beauty than women. This has rendered women to be unprofessional than men.

Production of Male Beauty Products In The Industry

Another reason why men are flooded in the beauty industry is that it is now manufacturing male beauty products and services. Male products such as Facial care, hair, and others are trending. This has provoked men to desire to look attractive too by using the products as well as seeking beauty services.

Due to that, men have found a motive to work as beauty professionals.

Increased Demand

Demand for beauty services such as makeup application, manicure, pedicure, and hairdressing has highly increased. Everyone wants to look stunning in the streets of the city. The demand for these services is one of the reasons why men are pushing themselves into the territory of beauty.

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