Why You Should Marry a Man Above 30 Even If you’re Older than Him by Some Years

Some women are extreme and dogmatic. The moment they learn a man is one month younger than her they drop him.

Listen: research shows that most people will have met the love of their life by the age of 35 but many will drop them and then live to look for him or her in other people.

And why do people miss their right lovers? Because of giving too much importance to these flimsy things. Don’t be one of these people.

Edit your childhood beliefs and become more realistic. If you had already loved a guy and both of you got along so well before you learned of his age, what changed after learning about his birthday?

Most men in Africa mature for marriage at 30 and above. If he’s in this age bracket and you’re older than him by some years, he knows what he wants. Marry him.

How much age gap is too much? 10 years is the maximum recommended. Why? Because of generational differences and phases of life.

What if your parents will hear none of it? They won’t know for sure unless you tell them. You’re the one who invites opposition by disclosing too much when you already know their likely response.

Be wise. Only you who knows how hard it was to find your soulmate and owe it to yourself to safeguard it.

What you want is a man who is capable and confident, and he needs not necessarily be older than you. You want a man who makes you feel whole and happy. One who brings the best out of you. If you find such a man never let him go if he’s happy with you as well.

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