Youth! Don’t Allow To Be Misused By Politicians Ahead Of 2022 Poll

Youth! Don’t Allow To Be Misused By Politicians Ahead Of 2022 Poll

The Kenyan population is today dominated by the youth, a group that is important in various activities of the society since they are energetic.

They are seen as the engine of the nation and for these reasons, politicians involve them in their campaigns and political activities.

As a youth, you’re the future leader and if you accept to be misused by politicians, you will lower your value that will in the end be a threat to your leadership skills and chances.

You may be a youth today, but in the near future, you will be expected to lead a family, community, and nation.

Despite the fact that a high number of youths are jobless, this should not be an excuse for them to accept to be paid to cause any harm or damage during political functions. Instead look for other alternative ways of surviving such as Jua Kali, farming, and other small businesses.

The majority of politicians are hypocritical and have fake manifestos on how they plan to help the youth. First, they pretend they care and mind you, your life, and the challenges facing you but in reality, they are using you to achieve their political ambitions and for self-interest.

Their manifestos are seen to cover your needs. They present them in a way that will please you, win your hearts and earn your attention.

Abstain from causing violence during political rallies, meetings, and during the general election. Chaos and conflicts have negative consequences to the whole nation as they cause deaths, injuries, and destruction of property.

The more you are paid by politicians to cause riots, the more you destroy your dreams and careers. During the violence, youths are arrested and jailed, sadly, others are killed, while politicians’ lives go on as usual.

The roles of youths are to protect society especially the old people; work hard to boost the economy, achieve their dreams, participate in governmental and non-governmental activities.

Stand firm in one voice to oppose being misused by politicians.

Politics is everything, the bad politics lead to a tough life due to its effect on the economy.

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