Eldoret Estates with Reliable Public Transport

Eldoret Estates with Reliable Public Transport

Eldoret is one of the major towns in Kenya today. With a population of over 450,000 people, the town was ranked the fifth most populated urban area in the country as per the 2019 census.

Being an economic, educational, and health hub, Eldoret has a huge number of people that need housing, and this means there are many residential estates set up to address the huge demand for housing.

We take a look at some of the residential estates in Eldoret town that have reliable public transport that you should consider living in – that is if that’s is the key factor in determining where you want to live in.


Also listed among the well-planned estates within Eldoret town, Kapsoya has a dedicated Matatu Sacco that will guarantee you arrive home safely at any time of the day.

It takes you just under 10 mins to be at your destination if you live within Kapsoya estate – as tarmacking of the main roads in the estate has made it easier.

Aerial view of Kapsoya estate.


This is an estate whose establishment was largely because of the Moi University School of Law that saw a rise in housing demand amongst students.

As much as Annex estate was initially dominated by students, it has opened up to accommodate even the working class with some owning homes.

The estate is served by Kitwek Matatu Sacco that also plies to nearby estates like Royalton, Jamboni, Sugunanga among others.


Located on the east side of Eldoret town, Munyaka is an estate that offers housing to a mixture of middle-class and low-income earners.

It also has several surrounding estates like Bahati, Mwithiriria, and Cyrus, all served by the MCJP (an acronym that stands for Munyaka, Cyrus, Juniorate, and Prisons) Matatu Sacco.

Munyaka benefited from the World Bank funding to support informal settlements that saw its major roads be tarmacked.


Ranked as one of the biggest informal settlements in Kenya, Langas estate is served by multiple matatu Saccos – perhaps an indication of just how high there are a number of people in this estate that depend on public transport to reach home after a day’s hustle.

Huruma, Maili Nne

There are a number of estates on the western part of Eldoret town that is served by several matatu Saccos.

Aside from Langas, Huruma and Maili Nne are other estates with the highest number of people who live in.


Kipkaren is one of the oldest residential estates in Eldoret town. It still has rusty houses but there are new flats coming up around it.

The estate has a dedicated Matatu Sacco that plies the route.

A bus that plies Chepkoilel route.

Jerusalem, Kimumu, Chepkoilel

These are estates located along the Eldoret-Iten road and are diligently served by the Chepkoilel Matatu Sacco.

There are several other estates in between that this Matatu Sacco also serves.

Eldoret town is also expanding, and this means there are residential estates that might not be considered to be within the town but have public transport like Kapseret, Kuinet, Kipkorgot – all of which also have Matatu Saccos plying through the route.

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