Mandago: My Work as Governor Speaks for Itself, I’ll go for Senate In 2022

Mandago: My Work as Governor Speaks for Itself, I’ll go for Senate In 2022

Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago now says he is happy with what he has been able to do since he was elected into office in 2013.

Mandago says his development record speaks for itself and that had it been not for the constitution that bars him from vying for another term, he would be seeking to remain in power for another 5 years.

The 2010 constitution set a limit on Governors to a maximum of two terms same as that of the President.

It is a provision that Mandago says he fully supports.

Governor Mandago in a recent event.

Mimi namaliza term na mimi najua kazi tumefanya, na kazi tumefanya inaonekana (I’m finishing my term and I know I have done some good work which can be clearly seen),” Mandago said during a 10 years anniversary celebration for Father Eliud Jomo at St. Patricks Catholic Church in Burnt Forest.

“When I finish my 10 years, now that the constitution says so because if not I would be seeking for another term, but I agree that a person serves a maximum of two terms then paves way for another one because work never ends in this world,” he added.

Mandago affirmed that he will now be going for the Senate seat in the upcoming general elections.

Sasa kwa sababu hii (term) inaisha, hapo mbele sasa mimi nitaomba kiti ya senate, mimi natosha ama sitoshi?” the governor told the locals who answered in affirmation saying “Unatosha”.

Mandago had a few weeks ago declared his interest in the Senate seat, now being held by Prof Margaret Kamar.

Prof. Kamar in a recent interview in Eldoret said she was yet to make a decision on whether she will be seeking re-election or not.

She said an announcement on the seat she will be vying for will be made in December this year.

Should Mandago win in the 2022 elections, he will be the third Senator for Uasin Gishu, after Isaac Melly who served from 2013 to 2017, and Prof. Kamar.

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